I have been neglecting to upload what HE has been teaching me again because I fall into the sin of thinking that when I write things here that they have to be so clearly expressed and written eloquently that you few, who actually read this, will be enlightened or challenged. Please forgive me. I know that it is only by the power of His Word and His Spirit living inside each of you that any of these words will have any kind of affect on you. Forgive my disobedient and prideful heart and be blessed by HIS Teachings...

I was blessed to be given different precept studies by some amazing women from FBC Euless. These women have blessed me in so many ways and I praise HIM for the fabulous 3...you know who you are! About 2 months ago, I was pryng about where to study next and had asked two amazing women to study with me. I really wanted to study Ephesians...HE said Philippians. I honestly told HIM that Philippians is such an easy book about rejoicing and it isn't full of much doctrine and I know what the book says. Yep...I know your jaws are on the floor as you read this and seeing so clearly my idiotic ways. Needless to say, I was obedient and the three of us began this study.

The past 9 weeks has been anything but easy, breezy, pat Kendall on the back because she is such a good little girl who practices all of this book! I have been rejoicing as HE has shown me more and more of Himself and myself...and that leads anyone to rejoice! So I could probably write pages and pages of the lessons that HE has taught me in the first two chapters...yep, 9 weeks = 2 chapters! I could tell you how I was beaten up by a simple verse that I should live my life worthy of the gospel message of Chrst Jss. Oh yeah, HE kept me there for about 2 weeks and I am still struggling!

But I want to share with you what HE has been working on me with this week...not even this entire week for the past 3 days. 2 simple verses in chapter 2 but I have been there for 3 days. 
  "Do all things without murmurings and questionings: that ye may become blameless and harmless, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom ye are seen as lights in the world." Phil 2:14-15.

I don't know how well you do at these two verse but frankly I STINK at them. Do you know the definition of murmur/grumble? To utter anything in a low and half articulated voice, indignant complaining, utter sullen discontent before the thing which is the cause of the discontent...just to name a few. If you are guilty of verse 14, do you know what the definition of a murmurer/grumbler is? A discontented man. WOW...that will bring you to your knees really quick right?

How I have become accustomed to murmuring things and become a discontent woman...oh what a wretch I am because clearly in this "easy book full of lessons that I practice daily" it clearly states do ALL THINGS WITHOUT murmuring. ALL THINGS, really Kendall so how well are you doing on that one? Talk about a time of repentance for my prideful attitude and grumblings against HIM. How can anyone be discontent when you have air in your lungs, grace upon grace lavished on you, a Gd Who is so Holy but yet loves and desires to spend time with you?

I challenge you to just pick up Philippians chapter 2 today and read it...I mean, it is light, easy reading. It only starts out with one of the most amazing passages...the incarnation of Jss Chrst and then tells you that HE is working in you so that you can work out/live out in this world...and then the exciting verses I have been studying the past 3 days. I pry that each of you will allow HIM to speak to you today through this passage. I pry that HE will bring you to your knees, humbled and in awe of this AMAZING DAD we serve. I pry that HE will be glorified as you are more satisfied in HIM and cease to grumble/murmur/complain.

Ask the same for me too...



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